& Booklets

An essential element to elegantly present your product and services and give it the value it deserves.

The Afro-Diasporan Catalog 52 pages

The African community in Australia wished to have a catalog that describes all aspects of Africa as well many articles that would interest those who belong to that country...

Hamper House 32 Pages Catalog

Hamper House sells all sorts of Hampers that fit to any occasion: Corporate, Christmas, New born, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays...

Restaurant Menu A4 size 6 pages

This menu answers the concept of the restaurant: Indian Vibe The font, the images and colours all answer the same idea and concept.

Edway 6 pages Catalog

Another catalog that describes all sides about adventurous activities with all the details and information needed.

Negotation Wise 12 pages catalog

The best way to describes all aspects about your company, information that someone would keep handy and get back to it anytime they need.