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& Booklets

An essential element to elegantly present your product and services and give it the value it deserves.

gensan mockup
NSW Health mental health awareness

NSW Health mental health awareness- A5 booklet 48 pages design

Catholic Health Care

Catholic Health Care - 32 A4 Magazine design

The Afro-Diasporan Catalog 52 pages

The African community in Australia wished to have a catalogue that communicates the achievements of the African Diaspora

Hamper House 32 Pages Catalog

A commercial 32 pages A5 booklet for hamper design business

Edway Promotional

Aa 4 pages A4 size promotional brochure for an experience entertainment services

Negotation Wise

An organisational informative A4 size 12 pages catalogue

Restaurant Menu A4 size 6 pages

This menu answers the concept of the restaurant: Indian Vibe The font, the images and colours all answer the same idea and concept.

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